Brandon Semenuk at the Truck Yard

We had 3X Red Bull Rampage Champion, Brandon Semenuk stop in for some seat time in the 2021 RX3. We’re out here in the field of dreams trying to make some magic happen We have a very special guest today Brandon Semenuk. A lot of people know his name from the mountain bike stuff, the […]

Monarch Hillclimb

We finished on top of the podium winning 1st place in Unlimited. Special thanks to Colorado Hill Climb Association for hosting another fun event. [TRANSCRIPT] Cole Powelson: We’re in Monarch Colorado with the Colorado Hill Climb Association We’re doing one of the hill climbs and it’s just absolutely beautiful here This is just under 10,000 […]

First Drive with Chairslayer

Getting Chairslayer behind the wheel has been three years in the making. We think it was worth the wait. Cole Powelson: We’re out here today at Knolls testing some of the new upgrades on the Sierra platform. Cole Powelson: Rob who’s been with us since the very beginning and a big part of the design […]

Hooning with Ken Block

Rallycross is not a cheap sport, especially when you’re out there learning and beating on cars. And while there are different levels like crosskarts and RX2 cars to get you leveling up, there’s still not much in terms of true grassroots level rallycross competition in the states. Until now! Grab a couple of $500 Crown […]

SIERRA testing with Bucky Lasek

Rally driver and 10 time X-Games Gold medalist Bucky Lasek gives both SIERRA cars the thumbs up! Transcript: I felt like a kid playing a video game but I wasn’t playing a video game Wwwwooooooooooowwwwwwww, Holy F**K!!! What’s up my name is Bucky Lasek I was actually contacted by Cole to come out and test […]

Lucas Oil Off-Road drivers abuse the SIERRA RX3

Transcription: The Lucas Oil off-road race series is in town this weekend over at Utah Motorsports campus We convinced five of the drivers from the different classes to come over and run the Sierra RX3 Rallycross car Our first driver in Darren Hardesty Jr. was stud! I told him to take a couple warm-up laps […]

Lands End Hillclimb Team Testing

We headed to Lands End Hillclimb for some testing with team members Sheldon Marra, O.P. Andersen and Cole Powelson. What would’ve been a day of data comparisons turned into some healthy competition between drivers. Transcription: The lands and Hill Climb fits really really good with our new cars It’s like a true stage rally to […]

Travis Pastrana Shreds the new SIERRA Car

Travis Pastrana comes out to the LYFE Motorsport Proving Grounds to test out the new SIERRA RX3! Transcript: Today’s special day for the Proving Grounds We’ve got one of the pioneers for extreme sports Travis Pastrana came out and give us a little bit of feed back, both on our new course and our latest […]

Borgore getting WEIRD in a RX3

Remember the days when we got the talented EDM producer Borgore to kill some tires while he was in town for a concert? Hey what’s up so my name is Borgore. [Music] I’m a DJ producer and I had my own stage at Gridlife in Denver this year with my label byGore. [Music] Whatever hold […]