Monarch Hillclimb

We finished on top of the podium winning 1st place in Unlimited. Special thanks to Colorado Hill Climb Association for hosting another fun event.

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Cole Powelson: We’re in Monarch Colorado with the Colorado Hill Climb Association

We’re doing one of the hill climbs and it’s just absolutely beautiful here

This is just under 10,000 feet at the start line and we race just over 10,000 feet and it has some Pikes Peak type vibes to it, but it’s all dirt.

Photo: Judson Pryanovich

There’s some really really narrow sections, really high speed sections.

So in an event like this we fit into a couple different classes there’s unlimited and open wheel, for this event we choose to sign up in two unlimited classes, it gives us some extra testing time

And nobody complains about more seat time.

So today’s the final day of competition we’re sitting in first place in unlimited and second overall and I couldn’t be happier about that in a two-wheel drive vehicle at a brand new course for us

Driver: Cole Powelson Photo:

We’re really happy with the progress so far, we think we can keep that top spot in unlimited and we’ll see if we can close that gap to first place


Absolutely amazing weekend for me personally and SIERRA cars I realized a bit of a childhood dream as a wannabe rally-car driver this weekend.

Driver: John McInnes Photo:

I took home first place in the unlimited class with the older generation RX3 which is huge!

John Mcinnes right at the edge of the top-ten

Driver: John McInnes Photo:

Huge thank you to the Colorado Hill Climb Association for putting on an amazing event

These race weekends do exist you can just unload a car and finish up top without working on it too much, so it’s about time we just show up and put one in the bank and head back to the shop with two totally functioning awesome cars!

Driver: John McInnes Photo:
Driver: Cole Powelson Photo: