The Lucas Oil off-road race series is in town this weekend over at Utah Motorsports campus

We convinced five of the drivers from the different classes to come over and run the Sierra RX3 Rallycross car

Our first driver in Darren Hardesty Jr. was stud! I told him to take a couple warm-up laps he only took a half a warm-up lap and he was wide open

“Wow that was a rush for sure!”

So we got Kyle LaDuke, truck champion driven a bunch of different classes long distance short course he had some great feed back on the car

He thrashed it, thrashed it and thrashed it. Put her places I’ve never seen on this course

So much to our surprise our car with stood five different Lucas Oil Off-road driver’s beating the trash out of it all day long

burnt through an entire set of tires until there was no knobbies left

It’s a true testament to the strength of the car

We got great feedback from all the drivers who just loved it

Great to see that it’s holding up to their abuse and they really enjoyed driving!

Christopher Polvoorde
Kyle LeDuc