Borgore getting WEIRD in a RX3

Remember the days when we got the talented EDM producer Borgore to kill some tires while he was in town for a concert?

Hey what’s up so my name is Borgore.


I’m a DJ producer and I had my own stage at Gridlife in Denver this year with my label byGore.


Whatever hold on!

[Record Scratch]

So we did a couple laps at Gridlife. We got out of the car and the first thing we asked is, where we can do more of this.

We found out the SIERRA cars are located in Utah, so we made sure that the next show we have in Utah, we’ll contact Cole. Because we had to drive this more.


The whole experience here with SIERRA is, they gave us this old military site and we could just like run through whatever we wanted, So we hit a little bit of asphalt a little bit of dirt.

We got to experience different types of tires, one was more for the asphalt. We were ripping here going to sixth gear full-on taking corners really hard.


Then we got into the dirt rip it in the dirt, and spin out and do donuts


I have a Ferrari and it this feels way faster than my car and my car is supposed to be fast


Honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had, and I’m sure I will do this again!

Music Produced by Borgore