Rally driver and 10 time X-Games Gold medalist Bucky Lasek gives both SIERRA cars the thumbs up!


I felt like a kid playing a video game but I wasn’t playing a video game

Wwwwooooooooooowwwwwwww, Holy F**K!!!

What’s up my name is Bucky Lasek

I was actually contacted by Cole to come out and test some of his SIERRA cars

One of the SIERRA cars is set up for rallycross and dirt spec

That was the first one I jumped in it was straight into qualifying laps

It was hands-down, easy to drive

What do you want it to do? Because it just did it!

The second car I jumped in was this Pikes Peak beast. (SIERRA ALPHA)

It has downforce, it’s set up with big breaks, It’s got a lot of grip and it just so happens to be turbocharged!

You really notice it out of the turns man, when this thing comes on throttle down it’s lighting these slicks up

I’ve never had so much fun on tarmac, there’s a lot in this car!

I could just live in this dirty-ass warehouse. [laughter]

Cody ‘Flash’ Perkins preparing the ALPHA
Bucky Lasek