This. Is. SIERRA.

The SIERRA is the industry's fastest single-seat, center-cockpit high-performance recreational vehicle, delivering an agile, driver-focused experience unlike any other.

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"100% One of the coolest things I have ever driven."
Travis Pastrana
Born and bred on the rally cross track. The RX3 is the ultimate high performance blend for asphalt and dirt. We provide the cars and support to start professional rally cross racing in America.
Every pack needs an ALPHA so we created the most powerful SIERRA ever. The ALPHA is a turbocharged Hayabusa boasting 450HP while only weighing 1,100lbs, these traits make it the most asphalt focused SIERRA.
  • 450 horsepower
  • 1,100 lbs w/o driver
  • 1 ton of downforce
Don’t let the price haunt your wallet. Our entry level cars are hand built to perfection.
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