First Drive with Chairslayer

Getting Chairslayer behind the wheel has been three years in the making. We think it was worth the wait.

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Cole Powelson: We’re out here today at Knolls testing some of the new upgrades on the Sierra platform.

Cole Powelson: Rob who’s been with us since the very beginning and a big part of the design behind the entire car, was able to turn his first real drive-time out here in the desert.

Hand controlled SIERRA RX3

Cole Powelson: He just reminded me of a kid on a dirt bike just hitting freestyle. We couldn’t get him out of the thing.

Cole Powelson: He even roosted us like a kid on a dirt bike!

Chairslayer: Man I got dirt everywhere and it feels great, sorry for roosting you guys.

Cole Powelson: You were going 60-70 miles an hour, these are your marks!

Chairslayer: Oh well it felt good to do that you guys, it’s been three years in the making.

I think that’s a wrap man!

Driver: John Mcinnes Photographer: Judson Pryanovich

Video / Photography: Judson Pryanovich