C8 Corvette Races a Turbo Hayabusa Powered SIERRA ALPHA Racecar 

On this episode of This VS That…

“I’m Brian Scott originally from queens New York. I currently live in Long Beach California. Behind me today I have a 2021 Chevy C8 Corvette.”

“This is actually not a press vehicle. Normally when we have cars on the show, they are new, nice and working… and they belong to someone else. But the folks at Mobile1 said we need torture test a car.” – Scotto

“It’s just shy of 500 horsepower at 495. It’s a 6.2L, it’s the LT2 engine, It’s got eight-speed transmission, that’s kind of what makes it really fast I wish it came with rowing its own gears but actually it’s really good as it is.” -Scotto

It is the best cheapest supercar you can buy for $65,000. -Scotto

“I’m 185 pounds and this is a SIERRA ALPHA, It’s 1350 pounds.” -Powelson

“You crushed it at Pikes Peak last year!”-Zac

“Yeah I had a really good year at Pikes Peak, went under the 10 minute mark, a pretty exclusive club.”-Powelson

“Can you talk about what it is? What the hell is the SIERRA ALPHA?” -The Hoonigans

“Some people see Crosskarts online, they’re mostly European cars. I drove one and liked it a lot but it had some shortcomings. It didn’t have a big turbo engine, you couldn’t put big slicks on it or create big downforce. So this is the evolution of a European Crosskart” -Powelson

“This is a 1300cc hayabusa motor with a goddamn turbo?!” -Vinny

“I also want to point out that is attached to a SADEV trans, the same company that builds the transmission for the Unicorn Build, but also means it’s expensive” -Scotto

What type of power does this make? “This makes between 320 to the wheels to 450hp.” -Powelson

What does the stock Hayabusa setup like this make? -The Hoonigans

“We run a stock hayabusa in our RX3, the naturally aspirated version. That’s like 195 at the crank.” -Powelson

“Those things rip so this has to be really dumb!”-The Hoonigans

“Yeah stupid fast!” -Powelson

“I feel like this is going to smoke the Vette!” “I feel like this would smoke mostly anything, this is like really good! -The Hoonigans

When the NA RX3 beats a 495hp C8, you celebrate with a smoke show.

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