We’re out here at Flying Iron Horse Ranch to do some testing with Supercross legend Jeremy McGrath

McGrath is one of the most popular American Motocross/Supercross  champions in the history of the sport, racking up 7 Supercross championships. He was most active in the 1990s earning the title the “King of Supercross.” 

“He’s in town for the big races and he’s going to take a little time out of his day to come drive some SIERRA Cars with us.” – Powelson

Yeah that’s fun! That’s got some raw power! – McGrath

“It’s nasty huh” – Powelson

“I mean like way way extra power!” -McGrath

“This thing feels nice and raw, like you get good feedback without the steering. You know like really good feedback, there’s a lot more to do, when you’re driving it, but I like the handling of this thing light. I feel like the balance in this car (RX3) is better. “-McGrath

“This thing feels like a Supercross machine, versus like outdoor motocross!” -McGrath

“Yeah buddy i’ll take it!” -Powelson ‘

“This one’s got a great steering feel on the wheel. Suspension’s tighter, like you just get really good feedback, like everything you do, it does. There’s more grip in the tires which helps a lot too! But this thing, it flies dude!” -McGrath

“Well that was freaking amazing, thank you for letting me drive this thing!” -McGrath