We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to kick off our 2020 season. We’re thrilled to unlock new capabilities of the RX3 in a harsh winter environment. Thank you to everyone who collectively made it one we’ll never forget.

Dillion Hansen working in sub 20 degree temperatures.

It’s hard to put into words what getting @racecole and his @sierracars out to Maine has meant to me. Getting to share the ice with these brilliant vehicles was absolutely incredible, but getting to experience it all with a who’s who of drivers and comedians alike was an experience I’ll never forget. Simply put this weekend was one of the best times I’ve ever had both in the car and out. I remembered why I love to drive, and I’m so lucky to have shared it with my friends!

Forest Duplessis
Bucky Lasek and Cole Powelson
John Mcinnes – Texas Dave
John Mcinnes with his new #2020 RX3
Fire and Ice

There’s no better way to wrap up this weekend. We’ll remember this for a long time.

Photography by Judson Pryanovich