Born and bred on the rally cross track. The SIERRA RX3 is the ultimate high performance compromise blending asphalt and off-road capabilities. The RX3 can be equipped with racing slicks or 30" off-road tires.

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SADEV transmission

We pride ourselves on moving forward but with the all new SADEV gearbox we now have reverse.

Not your typical UTV

Driver-focused performance. Inspired by professionals, driven by enthusiasts.


The RX3 is the basis which each model is designed. With over 2 years of research and development and over 300 test drivers, we have refined the 2020 RX3 to be the most race focused, out of the box, UTV in the world.

ARX3 Gateway
Track Time in St Louis

Tested and developed under the toughest conditions that rally cross can offer.

Top Speed
121 mph
Acceleration 0-60
2.8 Seconds
Engine Type
Suzuki Hayabusa
6 Speed Sequential w/ SADEV Final Drive w/ Reverse
200 HP
AIM dash, Keizer aluminum wheels, hydraulic handbrake, carbon rear wing, SADEV Final Drive unit with reverse, LSD, internal gear pump, and alternator pulley, Wilwood brakes, Zbroz shocks, C&R radiator and oil cooler, Sabelt seat and harnesses, Radium fuel system.