More grip. More power. More speed. An asphalt superstar. The SIERRA ALPHA increases speed and control simultaneously.

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RX3 Evolved
Asphalt Superstar

Producing twice its weight in downforce using the big carbon fiber wings. Making up to 600 HP with a Garrett turbo charger. The power to weight ratio rivals the top hypercars in the world.

SUB-10 Minutes

Developed to take on the toughest race in the world.

Top Speed
140 mph
Acceleration 0-60
2.2 seconds
1150 lbs
Engine Type
Suzuki Hayabusa
6 Speed Paddle Shift Sequential w/ SADEV Final Drive w/ Reverse
Up to 600 HP
Garrett Turbocharger, DJI Carbon Wings, forged engine internals, side pods with aluminum radiator, Keizer aluminum wheels, Haltech Elite ECU and wiring harness, Sabelt seat and harnesses, Radium fuel system, ID1050x fuel injectors, SADEV Final Drive unit with reverse, Zbroz shocks.
RX3 Evolved
Attention to every detail